About Malico


Metal injection molding (MIM) has over the past decade established itself as a competitive manufacturing process for small precision components, which would be costly to produce by alternative methods, such as investment casting or machining.


Malico Inc. was established in 1982. Every year, we invest certain amount of capital in R&D to develop new processes and capabilities. With seven in-house capabilities (forging, machining, extrusion, casting, skiving, stamping, and MIM), Malico has proved itself to be the metal forming technology leader. The company started developing MIM capability about three years ago. It was a natural extension of our product line since it already has sintering and plastic injection molding machines available in house for other products.


Presently, Malico’s major MIM applications include electronic components, building hinges, hand tool parts and can be made of stainless, copper, brass etc. What differentiate our MIM process with its competitors are our abilities to hold ultra tight tolerance, flexible production capability that supports low to high volumes, short lead time and lower tooling cost.


Over the years, Malico Inc. has trained a group of creative and innovative engineers who like challenges and dare to take risks to continuously develop new processes and products. Our goal is to work with our friends in the industry to provide products and solutions that can make a difference in the world. We look forward to working with you!


General Manager